Avon Pond Mega-Volunteer Al Hilton was wearing his #4 Avon Pond sweatshirt at Madison Square Garden for a recent game when Ranger great, Ron Greschner, took notice. Greschner also wore #4 for the Blue Shirts during his storied career.


Very special thanks to Willi from Willi's Foreign Auto Service in Bradley Beach! Over the summer he repaired the starter on our Zamboni. No easy task given that it's hard to find parts for a vintage 1972 Volkswagen Type-1 Zamboni engine. Throw in the fact that we accidentally dumped 100 gallons of melted snow (aka water) on his tools when we raised the Zam hopper in his shop. We feel really lucky that he took on our case.


2013 -2014 Volunteer Rink Set-Up

The date has been set for Saturday, December 7th at the rink site commencing at 9 am. This is one of the most important days on our calendar as we need your legs and arms to help us get the rink unloaded and fully assembled. In contrast with prior years, it is our plan to get the rink fully assembled by the time we leave that afternoon, so we ask that you volunteer any time you can that day to help us. Our plan, weather permitting, is to open the rink for operation by December 21st, which again this year, will be earlier than ever before. So the success of our efforts on the 7th becomes essential to achieving that goal.

Remember, we have no employees so we need your help. Plus it’s actually a lot of fun!

The Avon Pond has no regular full-time or part-time staff. As such, we are very interested in anyone who can volunteer their time or service to assist in the following areas:

• Skate rink oversight

• Skating instruction

• Zamboni (ice resurfacing) operator

• Snow removal – During and following periods of snowy weather, we may need to clear the ice in order to operate.

Volunteers willing to assist in these areas should contact us via email at
Thank you.


And Special Thanks for all of the Equipment and Services!:

• Down to Earth Landscaping – Donation of transportation, general contracting and grading services

• North End Builders – Donation of contracting and maintenance skills
Farrington Electric – Donation of electrical contracting services

• Coast Cities Truck and Equipment Sales – Donation of storage facility

• Mickey Truck Body – Donation of equipment painting services

• Avon Pond Badge Holders – Assembly and breakdown labor, maintenance and oversight

  Special Thanks to: